To meet with components of the Sustainable development goals that deal with access to safe drinking  water Supply   with sufficient quantity & acceptable quality in responsible distance for drinking, waste disposal and food protection by the year of 2012 efy.


To manage the water resources of Somali region in collaboration with other agencies and stakeholders, to benefit the state’s people, and to protect, restore and enhance the natural and human environments in an integrated, sustainable, responsible, objective oriented and demand-responsive manner.


The mandates of Somali Regional State Water Resources Development Bureau are to:

Ensure the laws, regulations and directives issued in relation to projection, conservation and utilization of water resources are respected in the region. Supervise the implementation purity and sanitation standards prescribed in relation to the water applied for various services and purposes. Cause the implementation of the country’s water resources policies in the region.

Cooperate in the study, data collection and registration of the water resource deposits in the region. Supervise the balanced distribution and utilization of the region’s water resources to various types of services. Grant permits and supervises water work engaged in the construction of dams and other works which utilize the water. Supervise the implementation within the region of the directives issued regarding the prevention of water from pollution. Render the necessary cooperation in meteorological data collection. Prepare the policies & the strategies of the irrigation development & implementation after their approval makes strategies that encourage the pastoralist community awareness in the irrigation development for the use of agriculture & livestock. Makes long & short term irrigation development plans accordingly to the regional water potential. Charge and collect the water charges, in accordance with approved water charge policies for water uses



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